Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I've been so bad about not posting on here. Just SO busy living and LOVING life!

I can't believe my little man is going to be 2 years old in 2 days (delayed post...I typed this on June 25). We are planning a much smaller party this year at home with just the grandparents, my brother and one of my hubby's best friends. ELMO themed...my step-mom is making the cake - she made the Mickey Mouse cake last year and it was beautiful! Hoping the weather holds out to do a cookout outside but they are calling for rain now :( Hoping that changes or we at least get a break in the middle of the day at some point. Just hot dogs and hamburgers, chips, salads, and cake and ice cream of course! We just finished working on our backyard - ripped out 4 huge, overgrown bushes, added in mulch and edging, shepherds hooks with flowers baskets. Also put a fire ring in, added a swing and table with chairs and umbrella. SO ready for an outdoor party! Our yard looks amazing now :)

Backyard before - way overgrown!

The start of the massacre!

Massacre continues...

These things were SO tall!

Half down...trimmed back. Time to pull them out. We saved that for another weekend.

Digging a huge hole around in an attempt to make it easier to pull out.

Chain attached to the winch.

Dadoo axing on the roots.

and it's out!

The table I got from my mother in law. Bought the umbrella from Walmart and chairs from Menards.

Ahhh...so much better! 

New sprinkler!

You can actually SEE our house now...and it's pretty cute!

Also, I've been on my weight loss journey since last July. I'm down a total of 27 lbs now! I just started eating clean last week and giving up sweet tea in favor of water, and I feel absolutely amazing! Let me back up a little...I WAS training for the lululemon half marathon (in August) but had to stop mid-May due to hip pain. It didn't go away with RICE so I went to my doctor, who sent me to physical therapy. I was approved for 5 sessions and am going to my last one today. The first one was I was VERY sore, but I've improved with each one since and am mostly pain-free. I've also started doing yoga a couple times a week, which also seems to be helping immensely! But, I haven't started walking or running since. I most likely won't be able to do the race, but it's OK. It will be an amazing trip to Vancouver with my mom and bro, and it's helped me realize that I can be fit without running...by eating good and doing other non-impact exercises! I want to lose another 3 by the end of July which would put me at 30 lbs. down in a year. And I want to lose the last 10 lbs. by the end of the year - that would equal 40 lbs. down and a final weight of 120 (perfect for my small 5'2" frame).

Birthday party post coming soon!

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  1. Your yard looks fantastic! And woo hoo on the weight loss! Awesome!!!