Friday, December 6, 2013

Sleep Baby, Sleep!

So lately, Brady has been throwing a huge fit about going to sleep. He's tired and doesn't want to sleep. Or the feeling of drifting off scares him. I don't know. But it's so frustrating.

Upon reading some old blog entries from another blogger, I came across one of her entries and it describes this whole scenario perfectly!

A Note to my Son re: Bedtime.
Baby, thank you for passing out at 6:30 last night, suddenly, with no crying.  I asked you earlier yesterday to be nice because daddy was out of town and you were such an angel!

But why two days before that did you also get tired at 6:30, but then cry until a little after 8:00?  I got you ready for bed and we took a nice long walk and I gave you a bottle and I offered your pacifier and I swaddled your legs and I bounced you and I rocked you and I sang songs and I used white noise - the sleep sheep AND the white noise machine - and I turned on your mobile and I took you outside and then I fed you again and walked circles and circles and circles around the rug in your room and no matter how tired you were, you still didn't go to bed until 8:15?

I mean I watch your cues.  I know your bedtime is usually around 8:00.  But when you start yawning and rubbing your eyes at 6:30, I just want to make sure you are comfortable.  I was having grandiose (that means basically means big) visions of getting you to sleep with no tears because I was so carefully paying attention to you.  Sure, I was also thinking "Sweet! I can watch Jeopardy tonight," but I would have been okay with starting bedtime later.

You're the just have to decide what you want.  How hard is that?

And while I'm asking questions, how can you tell whether I'm standing or sitting?  I rock you just the same in both positions, don't I?

And how come sometimes when I give you your pacifier, you pass out in 30 seconds and other times it makes you an angry monster?  (A very cute angry monster...I just mean that you get very upset.  I don't mean to offend you.)

I'm not even trying to impose a schedule on you.  I'm trying to let you call the shots.  And you're pretty "regular" to start with so I think in general we're doing ok.  I just get confused when you take a late nap or an early nap or when you look tired at a totally different time of the evening.  I just don't know what to do!

Should I let you fall asleep at 5 or 5:30? Will you still go to bed at a decent time if I do?  If you fall asleep at 6:30, will you still stay asleep until 6:00 in the morning?  That seems like a really long time.  And if you just ate at 6:00, should I feed you again at 7:30 before you sleep?  Or should I do a dream feed at 8:30?

I just have so many questions running through my mind ALL THE TIME!

So just tell me ok?  I'll listen. 

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  1. I had a little laugh with this. I'm not going to lie. Our girl at 2 years with a cold is the same to some degree. She is sneezing snot every 3 minutes or less and all I want her to understand and to act on is to blow her nose herself or at least tell me it needs to be done instead of wiping it on her shirt sleeve. Oh it is annoying and disgusting. she is a child and does not know better, but I hope she learns my disgusted face soon and never wants to see it again. Oh the joy of parenting... : ) I hope Brady boy relaxes more and allows himself to melt into a sweet slumber.