Friday, December 7, 2012

Holy Bloat!

I've offically outgrown my work pants. I can't tell you how weird it is to walk about with your pants unbuttoned! :)

I know it's not baby yet and I was a tiny bit pudgy before getting pregnant (if 125 lbs counts lol), but I swear to you these pants did actually fit me at one time :)


  1. Yeah I was the same way with my first pregnancy... by 9 weeks I felt huge but I was def at the point where no one noticed I was pregnant. Sucks being in the in between (I'm still there at almost 18 weeks although I think I look pregnant). So glad you're doing so well!!!

  2. Bloat or not, you look great! You've already got the glow :)

  3. Bloat belly will turn into baby belly soon!

  4. LOL 125 lbs is NOT pudgy and you still have a ways to go I do believe. Hey enjoy the stretchy pants while you can have an excuse I say!

    1. I know, it sounds crazy. But I'm very short and have a small frame and even a tiny bit of extra weight looks like a lot on me.

  5. so cute!! no pudge at all. i remember feeling so bloaty and now i just feel big. hahaha. i hope you're doing well. thinking of you <3<3<3